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If you have any questions regarding the EDUCATION FUND, please contact us at

We appreciate all of the support from parents, teachers and school principal.

Gale Ranch Middle School Ed Fund is a non-profit organization which is exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our tax id is EIN 26-2286399.

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Ed Fund News

Fall Registration 2017
Welcome to the new school year!  Did you know that the GRMS Education Fund is helping to reduce class sizes?  Each year, we pay for additional Sections (one period of a class) to help GRMS reach its goal of keeping most class sizes to 32 students or less.  This year, thanks to parent generosity, we were able to commit to paying for 10 Sections.  Please consider making a contribution to the Ed Fund via the Togeda Registration site so that we can continue to keep class sizes down.
As always, if you have any questions, please email us at Thanks!
Tech Week 2017
Thank you to all of our amazing students, families, friends, and staff who helped make our 3rd annual Tech Week and STEM workshops a success. We raised almost $6,000!
The first period class competition winners are:
  1. Neuman - Trip to the SJ Tech Museum, 
  2. Geche - Trip to the Blackhawk Museum
  3. Tedder - On campus pizza party
We appreciate all of your support helping Gale Ranch keep up to date with Technology. The students truly benefit from your generosity!
Tech Night - February 23
Register for one (1) STEM workshop each for your GRMS students. Parents are welcome to also register for one (1) workshop as well. 
All workshops are free, but donations are greatly appreciated to help us reach our goal of $12,000 for Tech Week!
*A suggested donation of $20 per attendee is encouraged.*
Donations can be made at the workshop classroom or online (step 4).  
Workshop signup here. 
Passcode: grms2017


Fall Registration 2016


Thank you all for your Registration Donations.  With your generosity, we have raised $160,000 to use toward our goals of smaller class sizes and new and improved technology at our school.  If you haven't had a chance to donate, please help us reach our $165,000 goal - visit the Togeda Registration system (link at right) and go to Step 3.  Any and all contributions are greatly appreciated!!


JUNE 2016


Another Successful School Year!


Thanks to the generous support of our parent community, the GRMS Education Fund was able to accomplish the following goals:

  • Lower Class Sizes - providing Seven Extra Sections to the School
  • Teacher Grants - detailed in December Notes below
  • Technology Purchases - Chrome Books and Class Computers
  • Technology Support - contributed to a Tech Support person to help keep all of our valuable technology up & running!




TECH WEEK - We Surpassed Our Goal ! -  Thank you to all the parents and staff who contributed to making Tech Week a huge success this year. Our goal was $12,000 and we raised $13,251. The class with the highest donation was Ms Brunetti's class and they will receive a field trip to The San Jose Tech Museum.




Gryphon Fund Grants
The Gryphon Fund is happy to announce that for the first time ever, we have provided Grants to the Staff at Gale Ranch.  Each entrant submitted details of the proposed project and how it would benefit students.  Each proposal was reviewed by the Gryphon Fund Board.  The following five projects were chosen and will be funded up to $1000 each:


1) Ms. Loecher - Success for Struggling Readers:  Nook eBook Reading Devices

2) Mr. Faidley -  21st Century Robotics Program:  Robotic Kits

3) Ms. Dougherty - Drama Department:  Wireless Microphones

4) Ms. Deverel - Food Science:  Modernist Cuisine at Home iPad Application

5) Mr. Lundberg - Science Department:  Anti-Griddle

We appreciate the time and effort that went into submitting these proposals and hope to continue to provide funding for other great projects that benefit our students each year.



During Registration we received approximately $150,000 in donations, a huge ‘Thank You’ to our parents for supporting “ Educational Excellence” at Gale Ranch !


Each year the San Ramon School District give each school funds to support a certain number of classrooms, the Ed Fund at Gale Ranch then pays for additional classes so that the number of students per class can be reduced. The registration donations were used to fund these classes.

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GRMSEF collects registration donations to reduce class sizes in Core, Science & Math, and to keep the technology at our school up to date.


To make a donation to the Education Fund, please visit the Togeda registration system. All donations are tax-deductible.



Free Money for GRMS?

Yes, please!


Double your GRMS Ed Fund donation by participating in your company's matching funds program. Matching Funds are cash donations made by your employer.


Visit the SRVEF Website to search on your company to see if it has corporate matching. Then simply fill out the form on your corporate website or request one from your HR Department.


IMPORTANT!  Always search for our school using our Tax ID:  26-2286399.


If you have any questions, please send an email to



Register your Lunardi's and Draeger's Loyalty Card and/or credit and debit cards on the eScrip secure website. To join or update your cards please visit eScrip, our school number is 500018728. Safeway no longer supports the eScrip program.




Visit the eScrip Online Mall- a one stop shopping place for supporting Gale Ranch. Do you shop online at Amazon, Apple, Macy's, Pottery Barn, Expedia? Then check out the website to find out how these companies and many more donate between 1% and 5% of your online purchase back to our school. 


Take Charge For Education - Target will donate 1% of your RED card purchase to Gale Ranch so please sign up at Target,  if you use a Target Credit or Debit Card. Our school ID is 151340.


Shop at Office Depot for all your school or home supplies and mention Gale Ranch at checkout and they will donate 5% back to our school for qualifying purchases. Our school number is 70218121.