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Register for The Run for Education today!

The "Why" behind Tutorial


Examples of Persevering


Directions for Accessing Plus Time


Step by Step Directions for Plus Time

Step 1: Click on the Plus+Time Student Tutorial Login


Step 2: Enter your school email address.



Step 3: Enter your password which is the same for everyone today: gryphons


Step 4: Find your name in the upper right hand corner and click on it.  Choose edit profile.  Change your password.  Choose something you will remember and that no one else will know.


Step 5: Make sure you read the announcements each week.


Step 6: Under “Activities” you will see a drop down menu.  (If you have a Tutorial offering already in that box, this indicates that one of your teachers feels that you need more support in that skill--and this is the Tutorial offering you will attend).  If you have a blank box, use the drop down menu to choose which offering you believe will benefit your academic growth.  Make sure that what you choose is offered to your grade level.

Step 7: To ensure that your choice has been recorded in the system, please sign out and sign back in.  Your choice should be in the box.



Meet San Ramon Valley Unified School District’s new Superintendent Rick Schmitt at our “Coffee with the Superintendent”. At this coffee, the Superintendent will share a little about his priorities, the District’s “Framework for Excellence” and his philosophy.  What Mr. Schmitt most appreciates is hearing from parents and one of his priorities is two-way communication. He always walks away from these meetings having learned new, interesting and important information.


The Superintendent will be meeting with every school parent community this fall. If you can’t make this event, check out details of other meetings listed at


Auction for Education Logo_2.jpg

The annual San Ramon Rotary Online Auction for Education is the largest funder of the San Ramon Valley Education Foundation’s educator grants. Last year’s auction raised over $80,000 towards grants that funded innovative programs and technology for SRVUSD students.
The auction opens on October 4 at 10 a.m. and closes on October 14 at 10 p.m.
New this year! Everyone who bids will be entered to win the following great prizes!  
60" TV courtesy of San Ramon Rotary's Auction for Education
$500 shopping card to Target courtesy of Crow Canyon Orthodontics
A class party for up to 30 kids from Rockin Jump Dublin
Bids open Tuesday, October 4 at 10 a.m. at
The drawing will be held on race day. Visit for more information.

MathLeague is a national competition held monthly from October to March around the Bay Area. This competition is open to all GRMS students. The first contest will be on Saturday, October 22nd, at Harvest Park Middle School in Pleasanton.


The competition is a MathCounts format, with a 30-question individual sprint round, an 8-question individual target round, and a 10-question team round.


Schools may send as many teams of 6 as they like. There is a $12 fee per person to register, and space is limited.


To register for the tournament, go to


For questions, please email Mrs. Bergen or Risha Chakraborty.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to place an 8th Grade Baby Ad in the yearbook. Space is limited, so don't wait! The deadline is February 10, 2017! Once the deadline passes, or all the spaces have been filled, it will be too late.


Go to and enter order number 16038


Be sure you go all the way through to the PAY section, otherwise it saves as a draft and will not appear.


The AMC 8 is a 25 question, 40 minute multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills. This year, the AMC 8 will be given in math classrooms or the MPR at GRMS on Tuesday, November 15, 2016, 3:00-4:00 pm. We will let you know which classrooms as we get closer to the test date. This is not a required exam for any students. It is entirely optional and quite challenging.


The test is not free. We are asking each participant to return $5 (cash or a check made out to GRMS) along with the registration form. Turn in the form and money to your math teacher or Mrs. Bergen by Friday, September 30th, 2016.


To register, go to the attached file and print the page.


The examination provides students an opportunity to apply the concepts taught at the middle school level to problems which not only range from easy to difficult but also cover a wide range of applications. Many problems are designed to challenge students and to offer problem solving experiences beyond those provided in most middle school math classrooms. Additionally, the AMC 8 can promote excitement, enthusiasm and positive attitudes toward mathematics.


More information about the AMC 8, released and practice questions, and the AMC 10 can be found at


Principal's Message

August 22, 2016


Dear Gryphon Nation Families,


The 16/17 school year is officially in full swing!  Congratulations on making it through the first week.  Students are becoming reacquainted with our processes and new students are quickly acclimating to how we roll here at GRMS.  There is a lot of information that is being disseminated to both you and your children, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if something is unclear.


I would like to remind all parents and guardians that our Back To School Night is scheduled for Thursday, September 1st.  We will begin the evening with a Tutorial presentation in the MPR at 6:30pm and the visitation of classrooms will begin promptly at 7:00pm.  Back To School Night is intended to give you a glimpse into what you can expect in each of your student’s classes for the semester/year.  We ask that you do not use this time to ask specific questions about your own child, as each teacher is given a short amount of time to present an overview of their class.


For those of you new to Gale Ranch MS, please be aware that we send out a weekly newsletter via the PTSA (The Gazette), in which you can glean information pertaining to school.  We also place on copy on the front page of our website: and on our Facebook page.


For those of you interested in following our Twitter feeds, you can find both Gale Ranch MS and my own Twitter account by clicking the appropriate links.


Here’s to an amazing year!

Warmly, Sue


Upcoming Events

September 16 - Back to School Dance 7th/8th Grade


September 30 - Staff Development Day - No School


Safety Reminders During Student Pick-up & Drop-Off

Greetings Parents and Students,

We want to thank our entire Gale Ranch Middle School community as we exercise patience and safe driving practices. We need a combined effort from the entire Gale Ranch ...more

Anti-Bullying Survey Results

If you would like to see the results from the 2013-14 survey, please click here

For more information on SRVUSD's bullying policy and the form for suspected bullying click here. 

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